People Share Rude Messages From Family Members About Their Dating Life

Do you have any brutal family members that don’t have filters?

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Those closest to us are often the ones who give the hardest time –from our careers to our dating life. The 2020 pandemic made dating… well… brutal for many of us. It was kind of like trying to navigate the seas with no water. But that didn’t stop our loved ones from asking why haven’t met that special someone.

To those loved ones’ credit, they do mean well and their generation was likely married with children far before we even started settling down. But sometimes the way our friends and family ask when we’ll stop being single, gets downright hilarious.

When his mum asked whose name she should include on the holiday card, Adem Waterman of London tweeted their conversation. The banter continued between the two and Waterman’s mum didn’t disappoint in her responses, holiday card, and gift.

Check out some of the most comical responses below. Do your loved ones give you a hard time for still being single? What is the funniest thing your friends and family have said to you regarding your dating status? Share your best ones in the comments!

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His own mother roasted him! Daymn.

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