30 Weird (But Comical) Dating Stories Folks Have Shared On Twitter

Get your laughing gear around these stories on dating.

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We’ve all had our fair share of odd dating stories! Some of them are odd and funny. For example, I once went on a blind date where the woman actually brought her ex-boyfriend to show me how not to be. (I mean, it’s funny now!)

My story has nothing on some of these other tales. Hang on to your hats and face masks while you join us on a journey through some real-life testimonials of 30 Odd but Funny Dating Stories Shared on Twitter!

This all started, of course, when @postgrad_barty sent out a tweet asking, “What’s the weirdest date you’ve been on???” Leading us on the brigade, he unintentionally urges us all to buy our movie tickets ahead of time. Honestly, this is just an appetizer! Let’s go ahead and dig right into the main course:


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Listen, I don’t know about you, but I certainly wasn’t expecting the story to end that way. I guess true love hits people in different ways at different times.


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If you’re going to call the cops in order to wrap up a date, I suppose that this is the way to do it.

My personal opinion, though, is that it’s probably a better idea to just be honest and rip the band-aid off. If you’re not feeling the vibe being thrown out by your date, just let them know that you’re not feeling it. While everyone has their own opinion on the matter, it’s better in the long run for all parties when you give the truth up front.


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Then again, some dates really ought to end with the police being called.


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There is no such thing as normal. We’re all awkward and lacking in some aspects of our lives. While upfront honesty is extremely important, a first date isn’t the time for confessing that you’re a mermaid. Then again, the awkwardness of meeting the entire family on the first date can be endearing, as proven with our friendly couple here.


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It’s rude to ghost your dates. You should do your best to keep plans, unless you’re getting red flags that they might be dangerous, of course. Take a lesson from @stevegaughan1 and at least buy them a drink before giving up on them! While we’re at it, let’s talk about the fact that on a first date, you shouldn’t do a dinner or a movie! Something more causal and fun is a better venue to get to know someone. If you go to a film, you might not ever have the opportunity to watch an Alex Jones video out in public.


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Some people are just socially awkward and looking for company. Then again, some people are downright dangerous! It’s important to tell your friends or family when and where you’re going on a first date! Make sure someone know that they need to hear from you before the night is finished.


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This one sounds familiar.


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Here are some tips for your first time going on a date with someone. First of all, make sure you have a good name and contact number for them. This is something that you should have so that you’re empowered with information should things turn dangerous, negative, or serious. Remember to check out their social media and don’t be afraid to run a background check! Make sure you pick the place, have an out if things get weird in a bad way, and be sure to trust your instincts.


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While it should be noted that there isn’t any reward without taking any risks, we should still remember to be safe. And if a date rejects you early in the process, remind yourself that this is their first date with you, too! Being an adult about the dating situation can keep you and your new dating partner in a zone where you’re both comfortable about walking away.


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And, let’s face it, some dates just aren’t what you thought they’d be. If their parents or a friend show up without it having been previously discussed, this should be a glaring red flag! I mean, seriously, who does that? @JaydnNevada knows exactly what I’m talking about.


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Going Dutch on a first date isn’t a bad idea. You won’t be pressured into buying anything for them, and they won’t be pressured into buying anything for you. Having this decided ahead of time can alleviate a lot of awkward situations. Some people on dating apps use a first date as a way to simply get a free meal! This can weed out a lot of potential freeloaders, too. If she shows up in an outfit looking like Allison Brie from Mad Men, on the other hand, you should definitely buy her a drink.


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I told you that’d be a wild ride, didn’t I? I hope you learned as much as I did on this journey. Let’s go over the basics!

Don’t bring another person on your first date! It’s okay if your date meets people through purely coincidental encounters, of course, but you shouldn’t be planning on a friend, a parent, or especially an ex being there! This is supposed to be an opportunity for you and your date to get to know one another.

Don’t be rude! Ghosting your date isn’t something that you want to get into the habit of doing. If an emergency comes up, that’s one thing, but don’t let your pre-date jitters allow you to skip out on what could potentially be an amazing experience!

Consider going Dutch while initially planning the date. This can avoid a lot of the problems we saw here in these outrageous stories!

Above all else, though, make sure you’re being safe! Ensure your friends and family have the details of your date, especially the location and time. Don’t be embarrassed about asking your date for their first name, last name, and phone number! All of these stories were weird and hilarious, but a few of them could have really gone a different way!

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