You May Have Covid-19 If You Feel Like This (Says Dr. Fauci)

There’s a chance you may have already had COVID-19 but didn’t even know it.

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Was it a cold or Covid?

We now know that Covid-19 was spreading throughout the US as early as January 2020, long before community spread was confirmed. In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, tests were not available.

People were forced to wonder if that cold they had last winter or spring was COVID or just a common seasonal virus.

Even as tests became more available, false negatives remained a problem, with nearly 40% of early tests failing to detect the virus. As time has passed, scientists have learned more and been able to reduce false negatives, but it has left many wondering about their previous symptoms.

While many long-haul symptoms are reported by people who have recovered from Covid 19, some are more common than others.

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1. Shortness of Breath/Tightness in Chest

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While your body may have rid itself of the infection in a few weeks, the battle in your lungs may not be over. People have reported feeling chest tightness and difficulty breathing for months after their initial diagnosis.

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