OnlyFans Model Slammed For “Scam” That Got Her a Bar Job

Some say she’s a smart supervillain, others say she’s wrong for it. What do you think?

nisa tee

Nisa Tee, an OnlyFans Model, has been making news and enchanting her followers through her story of faking her way into getting a job. She used fraudulent means to get a barista job. Her means were clever, but at the same time naughty.

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Supervillain or bad girl?

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She used both catfishing in her job search as well as plagiarism. The OnlyFans model has been named by people as a “supervillain level genius” through her Gumtree listing.

She went through some applications, read them, and then decided to rephrase the one that was appealing to her, then used it to submit her application.

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What do you think?

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