47 Most Amazing Photographs Ever Taken WITHOUT Photoshop

Believe it or not, these photos haven’t been manipulated.

photo 32

We found some fantastic photographs that separate inspiring photographers from ordinary ones. Photographers utilize their cameras as tools of exploration and provide passports for those of us that will never reach those far corners of the globe.

Today, photoshop type programs progress so rapidly, when you see a photograph, you don’t know if it was the photographer with the eye for catching the best image at the optimal time, in the most flattering light? Or, is it the masterful keystrokes of editing?

Photographers inform us, inspire us, amaze us, and put our world in the broader imagery context. Photographs are the universal language of our generation, and they tell incredible stories.

These frozen moments in time call our attention to the things we overlook every day and call our attention to locations, events, and people at a distance from our little patch of the globe. Camera aficionados teach us to take a moment to look again and look harder. Imagery has the power to stimulate understanding and create a sense of incitement that moves people to action.

These photographs were taken and published WITHOUT photoshop editing:

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1) The visual spray from a wave of sand and arctic air.

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