These People Wanted A Dream Vacation, But Something Else Happened

We make plans, and the universe laughs.

expections vs reality

Picture this. You have been grinding your gears on all cylinders at work on a project that you have been leading for two years. That’s two years of sleepless nights, early morning conference calls at odd hours to include partners from other countries and in other timezones, and deadline after deadline needing to be met for a high-end client.

Fast forward a few weeks, as a treat to you and the family, you’ve booked yourself on an all-inclusive trip that will allow you to finally unwind and enjoy life.

Arriving at the airport at the suggested time was easy. You’ve prepared by wearing the most comfortable clothes possible for about a 20 hour trip, and you’ve packed enough snacks for every kind of hunger pain you might have. You are ready to go!

The flight was uneventful, but you cannot wait to deplane. You’d give about anything right now to stretch your legs and feel the blood flowing again. You just want to get to the hotel, get changed, and get to the event. Now is crunch time.

Here are photos from some other vacation mishaps:

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1. “We visited Mount Rushmore.”

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