26 Hard To Believe Psychology Facts About People

If these don’t shock you, they will at least make you go WOW.


Psychology is quite fascinating. It is the science of behavior and the mind. It studies both the thought and feeling, the unconscious and the conscious. There are different sub-fields of psychology.

These include human development, health, sports, cognitive process, clinical, and social behavior. The mind changes constantly, and each individual has a different thought process.

By learning the human mind and the basics of human behavior, one can understand others and themselves. This is why psychologists are vital to have since they can help care for people suffering from mental health problems.


While people have different reasons for pursuing psychology, the bottom line is that psychology helps one have a better insight into love, emotion, communication, cognition, and motivation.

The research will also help better one’s understanding of these topics. Understanding why the people around you express themselves, treat others, and behave the way they do can be quite interesting.

Learning new things about you in the process can be even more appealing and entertaining. Listed below is a list of 26 hard to believe psychology facts about people. Hopefully, it will give you insight into other people and even yourself.

1. Friendships

According to psychology, any friendship formed when one is aged between 16 and 28 years is more likely to last longer and be strong. As you grow older, you develop different interests from your childhood friends, making you grow apart. This does not apply to all your childhood friendships. Some withstand the test of time.

2. Women’s Partner Preference

Women will naturally gravitate towards men who have a deep husky voice. They equate the voice to a lack of aggression and a lot of confidence. You will rarely find a man with a deep voice who is shy. Men with deep voices command attention when they speak.

3. Advice

The people who have the most problems are the ones who tend to give the best advice. Or better yet, think about that single friend who gives very good relationship advice. You are left wondering why they are single.

4. Handwriting


Smart people think fast, and because they think fast, their handwritings tend to be sloppy. If you think about it, you will realize that you barely know any smart person who has good handwriting. Some smart people do have good handwriting, but a good number do not.

5. Emotions

Most people think that our emotions affect how we communicate, but that is quite the contrary. How we communicate affects our mood. Take a moment and think about the time you responded to someone out of anger, what got you to that point and how you felt afterward.

6. How You Treat People

How you treat the restaurant staff says a lot about your character. If you are out with someone who talks down on the restaurant staff or is rude to the janitor, it says a lot about who they are.

7. Humor


People tend to say that women are not funny. But the truth is that men are not funnier than women. Men do not care whether other people will like their humor or won’t. They will tell more jokes.

8. Guilt

People with a strong sense of guilt understand other people’s feelings and thoughts better. In simple terms, because they feel that no one will understand them, it is easier for them to understand other people.

9. Shy People

Shy people will often say very little about themselves, but when they do, they do so in a way that convinces other people they know a lot about them. This is a mechanism used to deflect attention from them.

10. Pain Tolerance


Women have a higher pain tolerance. Even though when compared to men, they have twice as many pain receptors. A woman could have killer cramps, and they would still show up to work like everything is okay.

11. Music

To feel happy, calm, and relaxed, listen to high-frequency music. Try listening to high-frequency music when you feel low and watch how your mood is quickly uplifted, instead of listening to slow, sad songs.

12. Write Your Thoughts Down

Have you ever laid in bed tossing and turning because you had so much going on in your mind? Well, next time that happens, get up and write all your thoughts down. Writing them down will ease your mind, and you will be able to fall asleep when you get in bed.

13. Text Messages

text message

Receiving good night and good morning messages activates the part of your brain that is responsible for happiness. Well, of course, this depends on who the sender of the text messages is. If it is someone you care about, you will be happy.

14. Things That Scare You

Psychology states that you will be happier when you do things you are scared of. For instance, when you are scared of doing something and finally do it, your heart beats so fast, but you also laugh so hard because you are happy that you have done it.

15. Secrets

According to psychological facts, 47 hours and 15 minutes is the average number of time that a woman can keep a secret. Well, women will get to decide how true this fact is by doing a little introspection.

16. Lonely People

Some of the loneliest people are the ones who try to keep everyone happy. That is why it is essential to check up on your friends who are always happy and the ones who always make you laugh, to ensure they are okay.

17. Required Amount of Sleep

You require the least amount of sleep when you are at your happiest. For instance, you will realize that you tend to sleep a lot more than you would if you were happy, when you are stressed out and have a lot on your mind.

18. Holding Hands

holding hands

You are less likely to worry or feel pain when holding the hand of a loved one. Realize how at things like funerals you tend to notice people holding hands? Or think about a situation where someone held your hand to reassure you, and you felt a bit more confident.

19. Intelligent People

The more intelligent a person is, the more selective they are with whom they choose to interact. Therefore, compared to the average person, intelligent people often have fewer friends. When put in simple terms, quality over quantity.

20. Marriage

There is a minimal chance of divorce and a high chance of your marriage lasting a lifetime if you marry your best friend. Love comes and goes, but friendship is constant. When you marry your best friend, you will always have the friendship to fall back on when love does not suffice.

21. Male Friends

Women who have more male friends are likely to always be in a good mood. This is dependent on the kind of friendship and mutual respect accorded in the friendship. This mostly works because these friendships are easier to maintain.

22. Bilingual People


Bilingual people tend to have two personalities. When they shift from one language to the next, they may shift their personalities unconsciously.

If you can speak more than two languages, you can ask people around you if they have noticed that, or you will notice it when you pay attention to your body language when you speak different languages and even your tone.

23. Solitude

Being alone for long is the equivalent of chain-smoking. It is bad for your health. It is okay to take a break from people and spend time alone. But being alone for too long and not being in contact with anyone is not good for your health, whether mental or physical.

24. Travel

Traveling decreases your chances of being depressed or having a heart attack. It helps boost your brain health. Therefore, travels as often as you can get to see new places, and experience a new culture. It will also broaden your perspective about life and open your mind to things you would never have thought could be possible had you not traveled.

25. People’s Interests

When people speak about the things they love or the things they are interested in, they tend to look more attractive. Next time someone talks about something they are passionate about, pay attention to how happy they get and how much they light up.

26. Body Language

When two people are having a conversation, and you notice that one of them keeps moving their feet in an outward direction or turn their feet away slightly, it is an indication that they want to leave. It is also an indication that they strongly disagree with what the other person is saying.

crossed arms

There are other various psychology facts that you may find hard to believe or strongly disagree with. However, when you take your time and pay attention to the body cues or the things you or those around you do unconsciously, you will realize the truth in some of these facts.

Also, note that people have different thought processes, so while some facts may apply to other people, they do not necessarily apply to everyone.

What do you think?

Written by Emma Reed

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